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Random drug tests are often conducted in colleges and corporates without notification. When such a situation arises, one who has ingested drugs in the recent past becomes regretful and hesitant. Such tests can have massive consequences on one’s career if they ever turn out to be positive for any illegal substance. Most of the people who consume drugs, do it just for the sake of trying them once. As such if a drug test is announced the very next day, it is nothing but bad luck. The person then looks for ways and methods to either avoid the test or to cleanse his or her body so that nothing is detected. Many call in sick, which merely postpones the test while others look up the internet for home remedies and tricks to either flush out everything from their body or mask the drugs metabolites. A number of home remedies are suggested on the web. These include:

• Drinking a lot of water is the most suggested home remedy and while it does work to some extent, it will not completely cleanse your body thus making it highly likely that you will still fail the test.
• Taking niacin is another suggested method although there is no scientific evidence how it helps in cleansing or masking the drugs inside your body.
• Consuming herbs like goldenseal is another suggested way of getting away with a drug test. The method however is completely ineffective and 99 per cent of the times one is likely to fail the test if he employs this remedy.
• Certo is a product manufactured by Kraft used to thicken jams and jellies at home. The product is commonly available at any grocery store in pouches or packets. Consumption of certo to pass a drug test is highly recommended and while this method does effectively mask the presence of substances in your body for most tests, it is still completely ineffective in the case of a hair drug test.

Home remedies are thus not the most reliable way of ensuring that you will pass the drug test. In order to be completely sure, one has to look for products that are manufactured specifically for the purpose of detoxification of the body. Luckily a number of such products are now available in the market and on the web.

Our website that deals specifically in products associated with detoxification of the body making it ready for any type of drug test. The website offers products that can either completely flush the drugs out of the body or temporarily mask them so that they do not get detected. Different drug tests employ different methods to look for substance abuse. The experts at recognise this and as such come up with products manufactured for specific tests. The hair sample drug test, for example, is difficult to pass since some drug residue always gets left behind in the hair follicles no matter how much you shampoo and condition your hair. The website provides detailed information regarding how to pass the hair sample drug test and offers products for the same. The SupremeKlean Ultra Cleanse Shampoo and Conditioner guarantee the removal of all toxins from the hair follicles thus ensuring that the test will turn out to be negative.